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Seeing as we are celebrating the women of Africa, it is only right to start at the source…

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Seeing as we are celebrating the women of Africa, it is only right to start at the source… So, what does Africa mean to you?

My Africa is Home. My Africa is Motherland. My Africa Me. My Africa is You.

Why is it important to emulate and bring out Africa and Malawi in your designs?

We have challenges in Africa that need our attention, understanding and solving. So my designs are about emotions and feelings towards the change I want to see for Africa as a whole. My designs then become one way to communicate to clients what Malawi and Africa is all about. And it is also important to the clients as it makes them feel proud and confident when they know the story behind what they wear. Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa. As such, I also make sure that the same warmth is felt through the clothes I create.

How did you enter the fashion industry?

It all started when I entered FAME (Fashion Malawi Edition) and emerged as a winner. I didn’t regard myself as a fashion designer then. After that, my journey hasn’t been the same. I have showcased on numerous international fashion shows and grow in my love for fashion daily.

LILLY ALFONSO is a renowned Malawian fashion designer. She is the CEO & Founder of a fashion and design brand named after herself. A two-time international fashion designer and Malawi’s fashion living legend awardee. Currently, she is the brand ambassador for Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF) 2021 slated for Kigali, Rwanda. Her passion for fashion dates back to when she was very young; she used to cut and sew her own clothing which she got in trouble for. As she grew older, her passion grew with her and she started making clothes for others. She uses her 100 Year Plan to reach out to others and make a difference in the communities using fashion.

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