Why “ASSERT” ?

We believe that the time for women to thrive is now. Not only are women making waves in all spheres of society, but women are more determined than ever to elevate and empower one another in efforts to build a more just and equitable world. The late Kofi Annan said that women empowerment is integral for economic development, and there has never been a better time in history to ensure that women are empowered for economic participation than the present. This, therefore, calls for Assertive female leaders and businesswomen to be acknowledged, celebrated and multiplied.

Even so, many believe there are less problematic and more effective ways to approach outdoors overcrowding than to avoid geotagging – it’s just not that simple. In her blog post, Williams recommends structural reforms for the USA, such as pushing for the promotion of state parks (which are typically less crowded than national parks) and more broadly backing initiatives that educate the public about environmental stewardship.

We are looking beyond ideation stage to, at the very least, beta, and for companies that are corporate-ready. Retailers want to see it all, so they usually have not precisely identified one tech they want to focus on. Visual search and fit-tech are definitely trends.

Best solution for your business

That’s because in spite of its iffy earnings reports over the last five years, Synergy Research reported that IBM had 7 percent of the cloud infrastructure market in its most recent report, which it defines as Infrastructure.

Enter CSS grid: which lets you place an item exactly where you want it, both vertically and horizontally. Sounds simple, but the reality is that it unlocks a level of expressive freedom and control that previously only print could give us. 

Still, IE usage probably isn’t significant enough to fully explain the lack of grid adoption. So, consider that the stats cited above focus on page views, not pages. That means that it’s the lack of adoption of grid by major websites that more likely explains grid’s seemingly poor performance to date.